2 Steps to Ensure Your Home Sells Quickly

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1778826_-_banner.jpgWhen a “For Sale” sign goes on your lawn, your realtor is interested in selling property, but not necessarily your property. You see, a potential buyer just sees that sign on your lawn and does not know anything about your property. So they call up your realtor, and your realtor now has an opportunity to talk that person into buying a home—any home. Selling your home means getting all the information into a buyer’s hands from the outset.

To ensure a quick sale of your home, we advise a different approach.

  1. Gather all the information before your home is listed. Start by putting together a complete information package that is available on a website that answers every possible question a buyer could ask. That way, when someone calls your realtor about your property, their only question is “When can I see it?”
  1. Price the property appropriately. Find out what properties in your area are selling for right now. Pricing too high just turns buyers away. By pricing appropriately, we have seen that in the last 2 years one third of our listings sold within 20 days! Many homes sold for our listed price or more. Be sure you are asking for the right price.

Getting all the information ready for a buyer can mean listing your home will take some time. However, it is well worth the time invested because your home will sell much faster. When potential buyers have all the information they need, by the time the call for a showing, they are almost ready to buy.

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