Fulfilling your happiness quotient

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putting_your_health_first_-_stock_image_-_banner.jpgCan a Retirement community or senior living apartment help me to be happy?

Experts tell us that half of our happiness quotient is predetermined by our genetic makeup. That could be good news or it could present a challenge. The greatest part is that the other half is up to us. So, the moral to this story is that we can improve our own happiness by making some great decisions to help us live life to the fullest.

The choices that can help us live well and be happy are basic, but powerful.

It is true that our lives are filled with events that affect our level of happiness. These experiences can temporarily cause a fluctuation in our ‘happiness medium’, but eventually, with all of the right pieces in place, happiness can return. It is essential that we savour all the great experiences, stay connected and continue to find meaning and purpose in life. Do you want to enjoy life? Who doesn’t? 

Here’s some tips and some solutions to living well and happy:

1. Review your choices

The top reasons that seniors move includes isolation; tired of cooking; health concerns; safety; and the burden of home maintenance becoming too much… A retirement community or senior living apartment can take away some of the burdensome tasks that have become mundane and overwhelming. Kick back… enjoy life.

2. Eat well and prosper

You know the drill – 10 servings of fruits and veggies a day (the more colourful the better), lots of whole grains and cut down on salt, fat and sugar. Drink water – The stakes for seniors are far higher than for any other age group. Retirement communities and some senior living apartment buildings offer an amazing dining experience with seasonal foods, fresh ingredients and a varied selection of choices. Nutritious and delicious.

3. Leisure Activities to help you stay well

Physical activities and brain fitness are crucial to ward off heart attack, diabetes, cancer and other diseases and injury. Keeping your mind active with crosswords, learning a new language, taking up a hobby, attending a lecture and figuring out how to Twitter and Skype, keep you well. Visualize your dreams and goals and then seek out the tools and resources to achieve them. Connecting with each other can bring deep meaning to life. Your community has lots to offer. Senior clubs, retirement communities and senior apartment buildings have very busy calendars. You will find something you love. Fulfilling your happiness quotient

4. Seeking out comfort and security can bring peace of mind

Feeling safe eases the mind, your and that of your family. It simply reduces stress. It helps you sleep, eat and be engaged. All of these elements are crucial to contributing to happiness. As senior-centered building offers this. It all starts with the secure knowledge that safety is foremost in every facet of daily living without being intrusive. Flexibility in daily care choices brings independence – look for this. Yes, you can have access to help with tasks of daily living. In addition, ask about the security features offered so that you can relax knowing that you are living in a safe and secure environment. To further enhance your safety, the professionally designed suites feature senior friendly mobility and access. Options vary, but may include: bathrooms have non-slip floors, safety bars and walk-in showers with comfort seating; cupboards are easy to open, at the right height; and flooring is smooth and easy to walk on.

5. Get great advice and guidance

We have all relied on friends for advice, but sometimes we need an expert. There are an array of talented, brilliant specialists that can help you with your issues and challenges. You may need to consult with financial advisor, a doctor, a real estate agent or a move manager. Sound advice is valuable. The caring professional team at Gordon’s Estate Services can help your transition to a senior living home smooth and easy. They offer you professionals and resources to give you the best opportunity to keep your life balanced and safe.

6. Look for blue skies!

One quality most centenarians share is optimism. If you want to live a long life, your attitude counts. A very contented Sally, a senior living centenarian, shares these words of wisdom …. “be adaptable; remain positive; love and be loved; enjoy the ride of life.”

Live happily, live well. Living in a retirement community or senior living apartment can help you fulfill all of your health and wellness ambitions.

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