How to Avoid Surprises When Buying a House

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house_surprises_-_stock_image_-_banner.jpgImagine you’ve found the house you want, and it’s perfect for you and your family. You examine the house, talk to the owners, think it over, and decide how much you will offer. Surely, at this late stage there will be no surprises right?

Actually, you may be in for a big surprise if you assume that everything is alright with the property. Have you seen The Money Pit? In it a young couple buy a house for what they think is a good price, but the house is riddled with problems.  Just looking at a house wouldn’t tell you if the wiring is shot, or that the floor beneath the bathtub is rotted through. When buying a home, seeing an inspection report before making an offer is helpful and prudent.

What typically happens, though, is that home buyers put in an offer without knowing the physical state of the house. Only then do many buyers consider realtors suggest a home inspection,  but once you’ve made an offer you’ve been lured in. When the inspection is done, you might find out the roof needs to be replaced, or the insulation is a fire hazard. Suddenly you have to rethink your offer even as the cost to fix the house is calculated. Many deals fall through after a home inspection.

So it makes sense for a buyer to see  a home inspection ideally before making an offer. It makes sense for a seller to have a home inspection too so they know what issues should be considered in pricing their home.

That’s how we do it at Gordon’s Estate Services. We get everything done up front so our client’s property is ready to sell. With a home inspection already performed, buyers can make a more informed  offer. Whether you are buying or selling, seeing a home inspection is  valuable.

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