I Wish I had Thought of Auction First!

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online_auction_-_stock_image_-_banner-1.jpg“I found selling a home with possible development land in Kingston, Ontario surprisingly difficult, perhaps because I am not a developer.

Realtors were frustrating, because after an initial ridiculously low offer, little or nothing was done. I eventually decided I could do better myself and did by getting two deals (although they eventually fell through).

I now wish I had thought of Auction first. Gordon’s was immediately on the case. Rather than feeling at the mercy of Realtors I was now dealing with eager, knowledgeable, and obviously experienced professionals. A date was fixed for the auction, a timetable laid out and acted upon in a timely fashion. I was genuinely looked after at every turn. The support was both practical and mental. It must have been obvious to Gordon’s that this seemed, from my point of view, rather risky and unsettling.

The auction was orchestrated by a team of three. It was twenty minutes of high drama, the auctioneers interacting with each other in a way that had demanded research of the property, knowledge of each others strengths during their concerted selling strategy, and an intuitive grasp of the present unfolding situation. I don’t think anyone could have done better. Certainly no one else did!

I was pleased with the outcome and would therefore highly recommend Gordon’s for selling a property.”

Prof. David Andrew
Chapel House, Conrwall, England.

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