Moving Long Distance? Tips To Make The Ride a Little Smoother

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highway_-_stock_image_-_banner.jpgA long distance move is a complicated affair. When you move a short distance you typically have one mover, a truck, and it gets done in a day—maybe two. A long distance move can involve many more people, and multiple moving companies. What makes it so different? How can you have a successful long distance move?

Consignment Moving

For many people, when you hire a long distance moving company you will be hiring them for what is called a consignment move. During your initial contact with the moving company they will want an estimate of the size and quantity of items to be shipped. When your belongings will not fill up one of their moving trucks, it is called a consignment move. They are not going to send a truck halfway across the country if it is not full. Your moving company will then contact local movers who will pick up your goods and transport them to their main shipping lot. Once enough people have booked moves to similar destinations (or somewhere on the way) the truck is packed up (in the order in which it will be dropped off) and finally departs. Therefore your property may be picked up on the 1st of the month, but it could be the 15th when it starts its journey across the country.

Packing for a Long Haul Move

When you pack up your belongings and move within a city, normally your stuff is loaded on a truck and taken off in the same day or the following day. You see it on both ends, and so it is pretty easy to tell if something is missing. For a long haul move, it’s a good idea to make a list of all your boxes and clearly label them so you can quickly determine if there are missing items. It is a great idea to organize them by the room in your home they are from— for example kitchen 1, 2, and 3, guest bedroom 1, etc. Also note that long haul movers will not ship any liquids under any circumstances. This is to prevent spills and damage to your goods. Consequently if you have liquids you want shipped you will have to find an alternate mode of transportation for these fluids. When packing your belongings, you should be making an accompanying list of your possessions, especially your valuables. You should then insure your personal goods for the move, just in case something is lost or damaged. Accidents do happen on the highway!  Insurance can be carried through your home owners policy or through the moving company.

By following the right steps in preparation for your move you can ensure the process is as simple and easy as possible while providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected, and your move will go as planned.


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