My condo sold in a week, I was so impressed!

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successMeet Carol, she had listed her condo with two other Real Estate Agents before calling Gordon’s Estate Services.

“You guys are an excellent service, excellent! I really appreciated how we went through the time, hours of figuring stuff out, going through a lot of paperwork. I really enjoyed that. It wasn’t just getting together and making small talk, like sitting and discussing things and asking ME my opinions on things.

That was important to me , very important to me. You really made me stop and think. Other agents would say “what do you think it is worth”, whereas Manson had some paperwork which we went through which made me really stop and think about, this is what I want, but for this reason and that reason – very logical reasons – it makes sense to try it at this price and a very important conclusion, it sold!

Manson asked me about having an open house immediately, where the other agents did not have the staff or ability to have the open house, or did not think it was a good idea to have an open house at a condo – it was too difficult or that I would have to work at it! There was not a question or any problem for Gordon’s to have the open house immediately and I was so impressed with that.

I am so glad I discovered Gordon’s when I did and now I have the ability to let everyone else know about your services. To let everyone else realize that if they get Gordon’s they would be so happy and have no problems.”

~Carol Wall

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