Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists (CRTS) Certification

Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists (CRTS) Certification

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CRTS Certification stands for more than membership. It is a third party Certification that represents excellence and ethics in senior services. CRTS is the only industry Certification program that supports hundreds of relocation services providers throughout the United States and Canada. It is the “Platinum Standard” and supported by a 3 day exam preparation course.

The complete 3-Day CRTS certification program was created for professionals who want to start a profitable Senior Relocation business or those who are interested in adding downsizing services to their existing practice, whether move management, moving, real estate, organizing, moving, staging or home care.

With this certification program you will learn to help clients, their families and caregivers through many stages of home style and home downsizing. Upon completing the certification, a CRTS has a better understanding of client issues and communications and may manage all aspects of a senior move, assist with home modifications, or downsize and organize space to improve quality of life.

Manson Slik teaches CRTS to a group of professional organizers

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