Real Estate Auctions

Real Estate Sale by Auction

Gordon’s Estate Services is the only realty brokerage in Ontario that offers its customers the choice and the opportunity to use the auction or tender method to sell their property.

We have successfully sold over 2,000 properties by auction.

A real estate auction can be a live or online event. Either way, the process is open, transparent and competitive. Buyers arrive at a fair, market-driven price and sellers realize the best value for their property.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What services do you offer?

What is a Tender?

Who should sell their home by the auction/tender method?

If I sell at auction, won't I be giving it away?

Can I offer to purchase before the Tender or Auction date?

Can I submit a conditional offer on a Tender or Auction property?

Why should I sell my home by auction?

What if I have more than one property to sell?

What advantages does an auction have?

As a Seller, will I get a good price at auction?

Can I be guaranteed a minimum sale price?

Do properties sell for less than their appraised values?

Why should I list with Gordon's?

Do Estate properties do well at auction?

What kind of sale options are available to me through auction?

When is auction NOT a good idea?

Aren't all auctioneers the same?

I don’t live in Kingston. Why would I call Gordon’s over my local agent or auctioneer?

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