Renovations: It Is Your Home, but There Are Still Limitations

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renovation_-_stock_image_-_banner.jpgWhen you live in a retirement community, it’s similar to living in an apartment for the fact that someone else owns the property, so renovating is not always an option. You can always make minor changes like hanging pictures or installing a hook for your coat. However, if any renovations are desired, they will be performed at the discretion of the retirement community.

What Changes Can You Make

You should always check with the residence first before making any alterations, and find out what rules apply—these are just general guidelines. Most places will allow minor alterations such as wall art, curtains, utility hooks, decorations, etc.  or the removal of a door for access purposes.  Larger items requiring wall support, like a wall-mounted television, may require staff approval or assistance. Anything large that is affixed to the wall must be very secure for your own safety, especially if you should fall and grab onto it! Most communities will allow you to paint your space a colour of your choice, but there is usually a fee applied to cover the cost of repainting the unit back to a neutral tone. Sometimes there may even be policies in place regarding the installation of air conditioners

Renovations Made by the Community

Any larger renovations or repairs have to be approved and managed by the community owners or designated staff. Many older communities are making adjustments at the request of prospective clients in order to remain competitive with newer establishments. These communities are willing to renovate to meet specific needs. Residences will usually offer a variety of accommodation options of differing sizes and styles, so renovations are not necessary for you to find a suitable unit.If you need fixtures or equipment to assist you in getting out of bed, or bathing, they must be installed by the community or medical aid professionals. Any necessary repairs are, naturally, the responsibility of the community.

When choosing a retirement community, you should ask about their policies on renovations. You may find a community you love, but the accommodations do not suit your needs. In these situations find out if they are willing to renovate for you. Before making any changes yourself, be sure and ask the staff—they will often be happy to assist you!

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