The Benefits of a Company Who Provides Countless Options Vs. An Individual Service Provider

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IMG_9670-1.jpgIt’s all about providing better options, choices, and experiences for people who are downsizing. Right now, there are more options than ever before. Handling all those choices through multiple providers is a lot of work. What’s worse, often it is emotionally taxing for you, and your family as well, no matter if it is the result of the death of a spouse, a change in health, or new financial circumstances.

It has been our experience over the years that seniors in transition and family of seniors in transition already have enough stress on their plates. The last thing they need is dealing with more service providers. Each individual service contracted creates more pressure. There is more to organize, and when something goes wrong, more people are held up and clamouring for progress. All too often a realtor will rush to sell a house not realizing how much time a senior needs to organize their possessions, and choose what to get rid of and what to keep. Suddenly they have to organize an auction on short notice, and coordinate with movers. There are lots of individual companies you could contract as part of your transition, but they don’t really understand or accommodate the needs of seniors and their families. They provide a useful and necessary service, but they don’t go above and beyond to really help you move on with your life. That’s the difference when you work with a transition specialist who does it all.

As an example, I was recently meeting with a woman who needed some help. She had sold her house and set some dates with her realtor, but she and her realtor did not foresee that this would be a problem for her. As a result, she had a date set to move out and date to move in that were too close together for her. The schedule was just too short for her to manage. They didn’t understand the stress she would be under when the time came to move. Fortunately, Gordon’s stepped in for the next phase, but because some arrangements had already been made, some more convenient options were no longer available. We had to work within certain constraints because she had agreed to such a short time line. I’m not blaming her or her realtor. It’s just the reality that many professionals do not understand seniors’ needs, and many seniors underestimate the degree of stress that a transition will place on them.

What Gordon’s has always been about, is making our customer have a better experience by making it less stressful. We provide all the same options but with more flexibility, and less hassle than working with a multitude of individual providers. We recognize that this may be a difficult time, and we work to make it as easy as possible for you and your family.

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