The Importance of Choosing the Right Moving Company for Your Big Day

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shday-moversThere are some moving companies I personally like to use. Other senior move managers at Gordon’s Estate Services prefer other movers that better suit their style of work. We choose particular moving companies that we have developed a good working relationship with, and who understand our needs, and our client’s needs. This isn’t about choosing the lowest bidder; it’s about choosing the best company to handle your move.

There are many reasons why I typically use my preferred moving company. First of all the company’s owner/operator is present at every move that they do. Therefore we get consistency in their service. They understand what our goals are, and what our clients’ goals are. They also understand how our team likes to work. For example, we always want to get to work the minute I arrive at my client’s new home. In order for me to start working, they have to start bringing in boxes that can be unpacked in the existing closets and cupboards in the clients’ new home. I can count on their staff to be one step ahead of me at all times, ensuring an efficient moving process.

We work with companies we know and trust. Because of this, our moves are as streamlined as possible. We know our movers will treat all your possessions with care and compassion. They know an older antique or heirloom can be as valuable to you as a brand new item, so they treat all of your possessions with equal care. The same is true for our long haul carriers.

No matter which moving company we select, we ensure their focus is:

  1. Who our customers are.
  2. What our goals are.
  3. What our expectations are.

When we contact a new mover we make these priorities clear, and determine if they are capable of providing the quality service we expect. If the mover doesn’t feel they can accommodate the needs of our clients, then they are not the right fit. They may be great movers, but they are just not right for your move. Your needs always come first in the moving process, and I am happy to offer advice about every company involved in your move.

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