You made my job easy!

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IMG_9670.jpg“Dear Barry, as I am just completing my aunt’s estate, I have been reflecting on the process of dealing with issues involved in the function of an Executor for the sale of my aunt’s home. It certainly is a bigger task than I originally thought.  However I must say, the disposal of the house and contents was the smoothest part of the whole process, thanks to your company’ s services.

The online bidding procedure was very impressive and I am sure, increased the value of the house contents. Getting hundreds of people bidding on every item satisfied me that the maximum value was obtained. It was done in a timely manner, and completed with no strings or outstanding items to deal with. Your team of people demonstrated a high level of knowledge of the items and the organization of presenting those items in the best combination of packages to maximize value.

Manson Slik, your representative on the property sale, presented all the options on selling the house and the property. The final approach used of selling the lot separately increased the funds from the property by 35%.

Barry I want you to know that in every aspect of selling the property and the contents your people were professional and very good to work with. The documentation I received was complete and accurate, and I have no doubt your company’s services got the best result that was possible in this sale. As you know, I did get competitive quotes from other companies and these quotes clearly reflected the competitive position of your quote and the value of your proposal.

On behalf of my family, thank you for handling a difficult process in a professional and personal manner.  You made my job easy.”

– Douglas Reid


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