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Best Practices for a Successful & Stress Free Move

Cathy Gordon, February 08, 2013


Downsizing and moving can be stressful life events. By keeping some of these simple tips in mind, you can reduce the stress and make the process much more manageable.

  1. Move when you are ready. It's not always an easy decision to downsize for retirement living, It's a good idea to start planning early, but that doesn't mean you have to move right away. The transition to a retirement community is a big change in your life. However it is best to make the decision on your own, the move becomes more stressful if  a medical condition forces you to make the lifestyle change.
  2. Listen to advice. it is important for you to consider the advice of your loved ones and professionals. They may be able to see something you don't—like how hard you are working to maintain your home, or how much you are struggling from a mobility perspective.. Don't let fear keep you from making the decision that will make life easier for you. It's also important to get medical and legal advice. If you are working with a transition specialist, they can help with your move, and advise on a number of topics, these professionals will make your move seamless. . Yes, it is important to do things when you’re ready to do them. Making a move when it has been your decision to go makes it so much better for you.
  3. Get introduced. You should visit all retirement communities you are interested in, and spend some time there—meet some of the staff often they will offer that you join them for lunch or dinner at their community.  When you do move in, the staff will come around and introduce themselves, and they ensure you are introduced to other residents. Many communities have welcoming groups that also help ensure you are brought into the group. You may not know anyone moving in, but you will soon!
  4. Gather information. Do some research now! Find out what you need to know about retirement communities, what they offer, and who you may know in these communities.  Talk to friends or relatives that have made a recent move  about  their experience in downsizing. You can talk to a transition specialist like us at Gordon's Estate Services and get a consultation long before you actually need to hire our services. It never hurts to get more information.
  5. Don't do it all yourself. In addition to family, there are professionals who can help with your transition. Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists can help with every aspect of your move, from sorting, packing, unpacking, setting up your new home, organizing the movers, any donations and garbage removal for you. Letting professionals manage the details can take a lot of the stress off you.

Whenever and however you choose to move, remember there will always be some associated stress. What's important is that you take care of your needs, and once the move is done – relax!

Written by Cathy Gordon

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