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Gordon's Team should don the capes of Superheros!

Nicky Breeze, February 24, 2014

I wasn't their typical customer.

I took a chance on them, and they me, and together we all pulled off a feat of Gargantuan proportion.

My situation was one of dire hopelessness; A year without work, retirement funds depleted, severe family health issues and a Bank who would not refinance my home.

I had to sell, and I had to sell quickly.

I wasn't in any way prepared to sell this property, had it not been for Team Gordon, we would have lost everything, and become one more statistic being added to the rising number of Canadians facing bankruptcy and homelessness.

Their team doesn't consider "work" to be a four letter word. They rolled up their sleeves, and dug in. They cleaned, they staged, they sold the home within less than a week. We ended up with a bidding war, we had 19 offers! And it sold on the coldest day of the year no less!

This was my home for 21 years. I've left behind the apple tree my husband and I planted so many years ago, and the hummingbirds that visit my feeder outside my kitchen window, year after year. The perennial gardens and Coachmen door, inspired by our 25th anniversary trip back home to England. It was a very emotional time but not only did the Gordon's team get the job done, they supported me, too. They were patient with me when my nerves got frazzled from numerous showings. They listened to me when I had concerns. They offered suggestions, and they went to bat on the banking front when the bank would no longer even talk to me.

They packed everything up for me. They moved all my contents, they even trekked in to knee deep snow to dig my bikes out of the shed so I didn't have to leave them behind. And how glad I am they did. Where we have moved (out of town), there are numerous bike trails, walking trails and forests.

They gave me hope. Hope for a future that without them we wouldn't have had.

I realize Gordon's is a company, but I consider them to be so much more. They truly cared. They got the job done, and in a day of corporate greed and bureaucracy, they treated me like family. Respectful, caring, courteous, and very hard working.

Life going forward will be a challenge, but they gave us the opportunity for a future. They gave me hope. They and (the few others I have brought into my realm of privacy), during this time of extreme hardship has renewed my faith in humanity.

Thank you from the depth of my heart.

~Shari Field

Here's a recap of the events;

This house was previously listed for 3 months at $279,000. There were 3 showings in 3 months with no offfers. Our team (in just 16 hours) cleaned the house up, cleaned it out and restaged it (using Shari's furniture). We listed the home and had 52 showings and 19 offers (on the offer day - 7 days after the listing launch) and sold the house firm, closing in 10 days with a $30,000 deposit - for almost the previous asking price! Then of course we packed up the owner (and her son's house on the other side of the city of Ottawa) and moved them into their new home and unpacked them and got them completely settled - all in one day!

What a great team we have at Gordon's!

Written by Nicky Breeze

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