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Hiring Your Agent for the Right Reasons

Barry Gordon, April 15, 2013


Perhaps the most important reason to hire a transition specialist to handle your move is because they are experts in the complexities of downsizing. When seniors and their families choose not to work with a transition specialist, they often receive biased advice from people who only see the world through the lens of the service they supply, rather than the lens of what their client's needs are. A person offering individualized services may not see what you really need. They simply provide their services, because that's the only way they know how to work.

There is a tendency for people to hire service providers that are their friends, friends of friends, or they see a realtor's sign. They think of real estate as a commodity and then they get involved in a transaction without the benefit of having all the information. Sometimes a real estate sale is just a commodity, but for a person in transition it's a home they may have lived in for 50 years. Moving out may mean downsizing and getting rid of possessions with memories attached. A realtor alone may not understand that—their job is just to sell your house. A mover doesn't understand why it's taking so long to sort through your possessions—they want to pick up and drop off your stuff. If you are being rushed, if you are being pressured into decisions you are not certain of, if something is not sitting right, and your goal is getting lost in the midst of all those providers, you need to rethink the people you're working with.

It has been our experience that when you are making a major downsize, there are a whole lot of moving parts. Each individual agent you hire only knows their part. They don't see the other wheels turning, and so they don't act in sync, causing your or your family, stress.

Your transition specialist, meanwhile, is there to help you understand all these moving parts, and help you make sense of all your options. You get to see the full picture and then you can make informed decisions—not decisions about one particular part without regard for the other pieces. A transition specialist helps you determine the best move for you, and helps you get there. Really, all you have to do is decide on the end goal and we take care of the rest.



Written by Barry Gordon

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