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How a Move Manager is More Cost Effective

Barry Gordon, May 06, 2013


Some people are hesitant to call us because they think our services are expensive. Actually, a client of ours recently confessed that he was initially very concerned about the price, but ultimately decided to use our services for the convenience. The end price was much less than he had anticipated. How can we allow you to see that our services are cost effective?

It's the difference between hiring a contractor to oversee your project as opposed to hiring a group of subcontractors. If you are building a house you can hire a builder, a plumber, an electrician and a dry waller. When you hire a contractor, all those services are under the umbrella of your contractor. So, instead of writing 4 small cheques, you write 1 larger cheque and part of what you pay for is cost control and efficiency. Was it really more expensive?

Like a contractor, we provide a number of different services all under one roof. Because we know what we are doing and work consistently with our suppliers, we create efficient working relationships and thus can get services for less. Obviously, when you look at our total services fee compared to someone who just does moving, we are more expensive, but when you add up all the services you need - moving, packing, unpacking, auction services, and realtor services, our price is comparable or better! People look at Gordon's services and think we are more expensive because no other companies are offering what we offer.

So before you dismiss our services as too expensive, get some quotes from individual service providers. Maybe you can save money by shopping around, or maybe not. However, I know that no individual service provider can mitigate the stress of a transition like a move manager. Saving money with us is just a very nice side benefit.


Written by Barry Gordon

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