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It’s Time to Put Your Health First: 3 Ways Retirement Communities Can Improve Your Well Being

Cathy Gordon, March 04, 2013


Being active and both physically and emotionally healthy is important for seniors, just like it is for people of any age group. Many seniors find that living in a retirement community helps them improve their health. Why is this?

The Social Aspect

Retirement communities promote socialization among their residents, and many seniors find they have a better social life in their new community than they did prior to the transition. Simply being around other people can be good for mental well-being. Socialization also encourages healthy life choices—like eating and exercising—because they are group activities.


Seniors tend to eat better in a retirement community, both because they do not have to prepare food themselves, and they enjoy meals more as a social activity. Many seniors we have worked with find they actually put on weight when they first move into a retirement community! Often the portions they get from the dining hall are larger than they usually eat, and most include dessert.


Time and time again, exercise has been proven to improve both the physical and emotional health of seniors. Being physically active promotes overall health and contributes to a longer life span. Every retirement community has opportunities for fitness, whether it be exercise classes, a gym facility, or through activities and sports. There are many exercise programs geared toward seniors of all ages, activity levels, and of varying mobility. Through appropriate levels of exercise you can improve your cardio, balance, flexibility, strength, and reduce the risks of diseases like diabetes.

Living in a retirement community is a great opportunity for you to prioritize your physical and emotional well being, and the social aspect makes it even easier and enjoyable to do so. You may be surprised at how good you can feel!

Written by Cathy Gordon

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