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The Most Active You’ve Been in Years – All Because You Chose the Right Retirement Community!

Cathy Gordon, February 14, 2013


When selecting a retirement community, you should consider the range of activities they have available. Every community is different, and the varieties of possible activity options are too many to list in a single article. If you have specific interests—if you like playing tennis, swimming or want art classes— Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists can help you zero in on the right community. If you are not sure what you want, then perhaps picking a community with a wide range of opportunities is best. So what kinds of activities, programs, and events are available?


Most communities offer some options for exercise, and often physiotherapy as well. They may have an exercise room, and fitness programs geared toward their residents. Swimming is available in communities with pools, or as part of planned outings to public pools. Other options may include dance classes, yoga, , and other sports.

Social Programs

Every community has some form of social program. It may involve competitive and social games like bridge, euchre, shuffleboard, bowling, etc. They often have regular movie nights in a common room. Some communities have a bar or lounge area where people can congregate before or after a meal. They may also have clubs for like-minded individuals to pursue activities like book clubs or knitting. Other events could include wine and cheese parties, or live music.

Outings and Classes

You can sign up for various trips out, whether regular bus trips to local malls, markets, golf courses and bingo halls, or special trips to festivals and celebrations. Community staff may also organize outings to see plays or concerts. If you want classes or workshops in art or crafts, some communities may host them. If continuing education interests you, you can decide on a retirement home near a university that offers free classes to seniors.

Every community has a monthly calendar that will keep you up to date on events and outings. Some activities have limited space, so you may have to sign up early. If there are activities you want to participate in, but are not offered, the community is often open to helping you get those activities started. You may find retirement living is more active than you would have guessed!

Written by Cathy Gordon

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