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Who Gets Involved in Senior Transition?

Barry Gordon, December 04, 2012


On our end, the people who are involved and who you will talk to depend on the level of service you need.  Usually, your transition specialist is your lead contact who will oversee all the other professionals involved. You may want to be in contact with these other professionals too, but your transition specialist can be your single point of contact in managing every aspect of your move. They will manage all the professionals involved and ensure services are properly coordinated.

At Gordon’s Estate Services, we have a real estate division that handles the inspection, appraisal and sale of real estate for your family. Depending on your needs, that may also involve an auction company. The auction company may also be involved in selling assets. If your home's sale value can be improved through home re-staging, cleaning, or repairs, we can contract those services out to trusted companies. Our  transition services team will also oversee the sorting, packing, and shipping of goods to your new home and getting you completely unpacked and settled.

On your end, we work with all the stakeholders. Seniors and their families can all be involved in the decision-making process. We give you the information you need about your options, and mediate where necessary. Whether you are a senior who is selling a home, a child of a senior given the responsibility, or the executor of an estate, we'll help make the process easier.


Written by Barry Gordon

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