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The Care Guide

Barry Gordon, November 22, 2012


It can be overwhelming when it comes time to find out about senior care. Whether you are considering making a major life transition, or if you are a relative of a senior, or involved in senior care, The Care Guide is a great resource.

One of the biggest and best features of the Care Guide is a searchable database of seniors’ residences and health care providers. You can search for the kind of care you want by city and province. Whether you want home health care, a retirement home, long-term care, you can find it there. Currently the guide covers all of Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. Information for the rest of the provinces is available, but may not be comprehensive.

It is more than just a database of health care and living options though; it has a wealth of resources and information. There is a guide to assessing your needs or the needs of your elderly relative and a checklist that will help you determine what kind of care is best. There are tips to help you evaluate care providers. It also contains many articles about care giving, financial and estate planning, legal issues faced by seniors and their families, articles on healthy living, disease management, and more. Articles are organized by topic so you can easily find the information you want. Links are also provided to relevant government and company websites.

The Care Guide is available online, or can be ordered as a free print edition. You can also register as a member, and get access to confidential consulting advice and information about housing and care for seniors by phone: 1-800-311-CARE (2273) or 416-287-CARE (2273).

Written by Barry Gordon

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