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Client Photo-5
It was expeditious and very much easier than I had anticipated We were impressed by the care with which things were handled and the accuracy of set-up. We really liked and were impressed by the three professional women who came in and packed. It was obvious to us that you folks have done this successfully for a long time.
- Jim and Carie, Ottawa
I already have told people how great, easy and straight forward the process was - well done!
-Dorothy, Kingston
Client Photo-6
Very beneficial service for out of town family. Very professional team from start to finish.
-Marion, Almonte
Your company was recommended by the funeral home to help deal with our mother's estate. Gordon's offered just what we needed at the time. Someone who could help with cleaning out her home, and create a plan to sell the home as quickly as possible. We're amazed they were able to so all of this in such a short time, because of Gordon's our family was able to move forward.
-Michael, Estate Trustee, Bath
If I had listened to the professional advise you tried to give me, I would not have the excessive amount of junk etc. now on hand. Your people were outstanding in their particular jobs, and Cathy Gordon was a pleasure to deal with. You do a great job of hiring experienced, professional people.
-Don and Joan, Bath
Wonderful! It was a pleasure having such a positive experience with your company and staff at such a time of loss. Special thanks to Cathy and Manson for their competency and kindness. It took a load off our backs. Thank you so much.
-Connie, Kingston
The packing, move and sale of the property would have been an impossible task for me. The warmth and caring of the staff was wonderful. Having all my belongings unpacked and placed appropriately was appreciated. Thank you!
- Ellen, Odessa
Client photo - Earl Gowlett cropped
The decision to move is one thing and relatively easy to make, the mechanics of the move is another thing. At the time I had some medical issues that would have made it challenging at best and so I requested Gordon's to provide the expertise and personnel to do the job. From my perspective it was a first rate operation from the start to the finish and I extend my thanks to all the people involved.
-Earl, Kingston
Client Photo - 447 McEwen cropped
I want to start out by saying that I think Gordon's offers a really tremendous suite of services, that overall, I was extremely satisfied; and that I am more than happy to continue to recommend and refer people to engage your company for real estate and downsizing. I particularly want to highlight the remarkable work done by Cathy and her team. In a way, what they do is the component of the process that is the least 'glamorous' and yet so very important because of how personal it is, and they are absolutely amazing in every way, including the practical work they do, as well as the understanding and compassion they offer throughout this very stressful undertaking.
-Merrilees, Kingston
Client photo - Percy Tappin cropped
Cathy, Julie and the moving team were outstanding. The very best and I could not ask for better!
-Percy, Kingston
We were most pleased with all of the service and professional assistance from all at Gordon's. I'll single out Manson and Nicky for their great efforts. This is not meant to diminish those of everyone else's. Thank you.
-Sally and Dave, Kingston
Client photo cropped
Moved on time and damage free. Nice to have everything set up and working. Price for house came in at estimated figure. Thank you.
-Richard, Kingston
Everything was handled in a very professional manner. We felt we got good advise when some questions came up. Short and sweet, the house was only listed 16 days before the sale!
-Bud, Kingston
Arlene Hensel cropped
I found everyone at Gordon's to be quite efficient and helpful. Things were taken care of swiftly and efficiently with little lag time in between, exactly as we wanted it. I was led by the hand through the process of selling the house and everything necessary for it to sell quickly. The cleaning was superb and everyone worked very hard. I was surprised how smoothly all aspects of the turnover took place. I can't think of any way to improve really. Nicky, Cathy, Manson and Giselle were all really helpful and the entire process seemed to be about as efficient as possible.
-Arlene, Ottawa
I am very pleased in my new apartment. I feel happy, safe and protected here, and am meeting new friends. Once the dust has settled from the actual sale of my home, I am starting to enjoy the many activities around the Ontario Street hub and my beautiful view on the 10th floor. Although I was ill at the actual time of moving I feel everyone who packed and unpacked treated me with respect and compassion. Kudos to Julie and Cathy, they were always there to help. Also to Barry and Manson, sincere thanks for guiding me through the process and helping me to understand the situation and providing good advice through a bittersweet time for me. I do miss my home but I am glad someone is there who is younger and hopefully have the means to care for the house and property as I could no longer do so.
-Miriam, Kingston
4. Client Photo
Having to downsize and sell our home was a stressful decision. Gordon's provided us with the expertise, compassion and professionalism from everyone we interacted with to bring that stress level to a minimum. Never once did we feel pressured to make a decision, whether it be in selling the house or what to take and what not to take to the new home. A very special thanks to Manson and Cathy. Manson provided us with everything we needed to make informed decisions and the house was sold within a week. We appreciated Cathy's guidance, and 'not a problem' attitude which made you totally comfortable picking up the phone to make any request. She and her team made the move so easy for us, with everything in place as if we had lived there forever. Walking into our new home was a joy. Many thanks to everyone on the Gordon's team!
-Art and Daphne, Kingston
I knew I was in good hands and that I could get my home in order and move. Gordon's Downsizing & Estate Services can do it all, a regular Real Estate company couldn't do all of this.
-John, Kingston
5. Client photo web
It was your TV commercials that made me think your company would be a good fit for my mom when it came time for her to move into a retirement home. We were both so impressed with how you treated my mom with respect through the entire process. I'm definitely going to hire you when I'm ready to downsize.
-Helen, Kingston
3. Client photo - McLare webn
Moving from a house to an apartment is very stressful, but it was much easier with Gordon's.
-Elva, Kingston
client crop
We’d like to thank the entire team at Gordon’s for the way they made us feel a part of their ‘Family’. Their honesty and professional attitude never left us intimidated or in need of asking the question, Why are we doing it this way? During times of our uncertainty and frustration, they were clear and concise. We liked that. We will strongly recommend this auction process to others.
-Deiter and Jacqueline, Inverary
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