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I will say that my experience was biased by my own lack of knowledge about the way real estate works. It would have been extremely difficult for my parents to navigate, given their age. Manson and Nicky, in particular, put up with my ‘micro-management’ and, for that, I would like to thank them. The move and initial installation of my parents’ furniture went well; it was certainly nice for my parents to walk into the new space and feel that it was somewhat like home.
This was our third sale now through Gordon’s. We really like their system of organization and process. They are very responsive and we always know the activity happening. We trust their advice and the results speak for themselves. We have experienced a number of real estate agents in the past (five before Gordon’s) and Gordon’s is by far the best. We recommend them to anyone, whether you are moving your parents or whether you are just selling your home.
-Ross and Diane
Gordon's really answered a specific need at a time when I had a lot to deal with during the time I was still grieving for a recent family death.
Gordon's helped to smooth the way for us in selling the home we had lived in for 45 years. Without their help the task would have been completely overwhelming. Our questions were always answered promptly and in many cases problems were anticipated with Gordon's very professional and efficient services. In particular I would single out Alicia, Cathy and Nicky for their help in answering questions promptly and suggesting solutions, and for generally making easy what could have been a very difficult process.
We’d like to thank the entire team at Gordon’s for the way they made us feel a part of their ‘Family’. Their honesty and professional attitude never left us intimidated or in need of asking the question, Why are we doing it this way? During times of our uncertainty and frustration, they were clear, concise, with no BS. We liked that. We will strongly recommend this Process to others. Good luck with your continued success as a Team. From our Family to yours.
-Deiter and Jacqueline
Gordon’s gets 10 out of 10! We have been relieved of many extra worries because of the professionalism of your team. We appreciate your expertise and efficient manner. Your personal concern for the manner in which the Estate was expedited was exemplary. We were impressed by the responses we received from every staff member to each and every query regarding the process.
I appreciate your experience and expertise to manage the many details needed to accomplish emptying and sale of contents of the house, readying the property for sale, listing and sale of the property, all the while working with BMO Private Banking and keeping me advised as well. This was more complicated than I would have been able to handle on my own especially while dealing with my father's death and funeral arrangements and my mother's ongoing health and care concerns. I sure appreciated being invited and able to ask any and all questions at any time, as I had plenty of those. I also think it is great that all your staff work together so well to coordinate everything very smoothly from start to finish without a hitch.
I always thought that Gordon’s were really great to us. They moved us into this apartment, they set up the furniture, they did everything we wanted to do, but what really impressed me was: when they did the china cabinet, they took pictures of every shelf and they put it all back the way it was when we moved into the building. That was one of the things that really impressed me. They sold all my other stuff that I didn’t think would bring any money and it ended up bringing quite a bit. And they sold my house within three weeks. Because of what they do, with the downsizing and the handling of everything; they promote that, and they really carry it out, I have to say. I’d say call Gordon’s, they handle everything. They make it easy. They make life easy. I didn’t have to do anything really.
I’m a 79-year-old widow of 25 years with no family nearby. I called Barry and he came up and he explained everything explicitly, and I said – you can have the whole thing. And that’s what we did. We listed the house and it was sold in 17 days, it had 5 offers and closed two weeks later.
We tried downsizing previously, it didn’t work for us, we had too much stuff. But Gordon’s came in, and organized us because it was too overwhelming to do on our own. It made it a lot easier. Manson was excellent as our agent and worked strictly for us. We received multiple offers, which we never expected and went for over the asking price. We were thrilled!
-Ron and Mary
My sister had a sudden medical emergency that took her to hospital and it was clear that she could no longer return to her home and live alone, and so a seniors residence was found for her and that’s where Gordon’s came in. Gordon’s helped her move her personal effects and her furnishings that she could bring to her new residence, then they set her up in her new accommodation.
We waited a long time to do this thing, we had been procrastinating because we had a 5 bedroom and lived there for 36 years and you accumulate a lot of things. It was scary to actually go through all of the things and decide what to take and what not to take, and that’s why you postpone for as long as possible. But, the time comes when you have to move, so we decided to move. It was a good decision.
-Arjun and Padmini
We just didn’t know what to do. That’s why we got Gordon’s, who did it for us. It was perfect! They sold our house within a week and they moved everything so swiftly and carefully, it was as though we had just gone back into our old home. It was well worth every penny.
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