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Cathy and her helpers make the change from one living space to another amazingly low in stress, many thanks – having the pictures placed and hung saved so much uncertainty. Manson had a couple offers in a week – enough said! Great work! Everything was moved and placed with no damage, and you sold the left over furniture – good work. Thanks to all.
Gordon's got the job done no matter what it took. They certainly have it down to a science. The best thing is the peace of mind knowing the job will get done and the best price achieved. Our family had only limited time to contribute. This was a difficult property to clean up, in a remote area. Gordon’s was amazing at how quickly and efficiently they got things done. Their system of communication is incredible. We would recommend Gordon’s to anyone. On behalf of my mother who is nicely settled, and all of our family, thank you. You were great!
Gordon’s are wonderful people to take care of you. When I moved from the condo, of course they moved me into Conservatory Pond, I had done all my own packing. I didn’t realize that they would do this, or I thought I would have to do it myself. But, when I came from Conservatory Pond here, at 8 o‘clock in the morning, half a dozen young women showed up at the unit and my daughter was there and they told her – take your mother out and meet us at the Waterford at noon. They had moved me, put everything where I knew I wanted it to go, my clothes in the closet, my dishes in the cupboard. It was wonderful. You just come in and it’s all done.
Meet Norman, a client of Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services. This was his answer when posed the question: What tips would you give someone who is considering downsizing or moving into a retirement residence? “I would probably tell them my own experience and how I feel about it. I think as far as moving in, the best tip I can give them is to go see Cathy.”
Dear Barry, as I am just completing my aunt’s estate, I have been reflecting on the process of dealing with issues involved in the function of an Executor for the sale of my mom’s home. It certainly is a bigger task than I originally thought. However I must say, the disposal of the house and contents was the smoothest part of the whole process, thanks to your company's services.
You guys are an excellent service, excellent! I really appreciated how we went through the time, hours of figuring stuff out, going through a lot of paperwork. I really enjoyed that. It wasn’t just getting together and making small talk, like sitting and discussing things and asking ME my opinions on things. That was important to me, very important to me.
I found selling a home with possible development land in Kingston, Ontario surprisingly difficult, perhaps because I am not a developer. Realtors were frustrating, because after an initial ridiculously low offer, little or nothing was done. I eventually decided I could do better myself and did by getting two deals (although they eventually fell through).
My experience with Gordon’s team was entirely positive. I would strongly recommend them to any person administering a messy estate property which has to be sold quickly but in a way which maximizes value. Gordon’s bring resources, experience and trained employees together quickly in a way which an individual cannot do. In other words, they add enormous value. My only regret is that I did not know about Gordon’s earlier in the process. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to friends and colleagues.
Gordon’s Team should don the capes of Superheros! I wasn’t their typical customer. I took a chance on them, and they me, and together we all pulled off a feat of Gargantuan proportion. My situation was one of dire hopelessness. A year without work, retirement funds depleted, severe family health issues and a Bank who would not refinance my home. I had to sell, and I had to sell quickly…
I think of my friends who have moved and how much work it was for them, I recommend Gordon’s over every other realtor. They never pushed us to do things we didn’t want to do, we followed their advice and our house sold in a week. They’re so good to work with, and their motto, ‘We help. You move on.’ is so appropriate!
-Dick and Esther
It was just the two of us, we didn’t want to ask our family for help. The friends who helped us 37 years ago are now of an age that they can no longer help us so we knew we needed a company who could take care of those needs for us. We felt comfortable with Gordon’s. We never felt rushed. It was always our decision and we were always in control – it just felt good.
-Doug and Lynda
I had been living alone in a big house in Scarborough. Last winter I had a bad fall and wasn't able to fully use my arm. My brother wanted me to live closer to him in Kingston and found a wonderful suite for me at Royale Place Retirement, he also helped me find Gordon's.During the move Cathy found a 40 year old ring that had been missing for years! I was grateful for their help, I wouldn't have been able to manage the move without them.
Bob is 95 and I’m 88 and the time had come when the garden was too much and we just felt that we had to downsize. We thought about a bungalow but that’s still a house that comes with all the maintenance like snow shovelling, grass cutting, furnace upkeep and so we wanted an apartment where someone else will do those chores for us.Gordon’s helped us sell our house in just 2 weeks, in fact we didn’t even have a sign on our front lawn it sold that quickly. We’d recommend apartment living and Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services to anyone downsizing.
-Doreen and Bob
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