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Complete Move Management

We Look After Every Detail of Your Move


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Downsizing & Estate Services Brokerage is a one of a kind integrated real estate downsizing, move management and transition services provider. We serve clients all over Ontario and especially in the Greater Toronto Area, Kingston and Ottawa regions and surrounding areas.

That means we help you to realize the opportunity of selling your property, while handling every detail of your personal property.

Every day, we work for people downsizing, estate executors, and Power of Attorneys to help clients manage the real estate and personal property under their care.

Every one of our staff members are professional experts. 

We understand the important details, ask the key questions, and provide the most relevant and stress reduced solutions.

The best part is that helpful project management is included in our standard real estate commission, which you will find extremely competitive in price.

Imagine the advantage of working with a single company co-ordinating a range of valued services?

An integrated approach is more cost-effective and takes the pressure out of a complex, multi-stage process - like relocating to a new home and lifestyle.

We take the time to understand your lifestyle, what you are dealing with, what’s most important, your time goals, and where you feel you need the most help. This can begin on the phone with a conversation, but is typically followed by an on-site in-person meeting (both are at no cost to you!).

Once we understand your requirements, we will explain our services in light of your needs. How it would work, what it would cost, and where the importance cost savings are. This normally involves lots of discussion around details that are important to you. We fully answer every question you have.

If we are all in agreement, we make a formal commitment to each other outlining the services to be provided and the costs involved. There are no upfront costs of any kind.

When you are ready, we’ll look after project management and the agreed to work, with a reporting and approval process according to your preferences. We often plan for and then move you, sort personal family items, ship things to relatives, organize the sale of items not being kept by family, oversee the online auction, clear and clean the property and prepare it for sale according to your wishes.

We manage everything - unless you want to do some things yourself or with family. You can always opt to do some things on your own. Project management is always included in your real estate commission and not billed as an extra item.

All our trusted, vetted, third party providers, such as painters, cleaners, home inspectors etc. are invoiced to us thereby minimizing your paperwork, time, and stress. Costs you approve of will be billed to you in a timely schedule at exactly what the services cost - not more. All billing can be delayed until the real estate sale concludes in pre-arranged cases. You will have our guidance and advice on every activity, but you will remain in control of all decisions.

We conduct a thorough research of the marketplace. This provides you with the information to engage in an informed conversation about listing price and strategy. Your decision on pricing is the final say, but you will have our best advice. If needed, we will engage a professional third party appraiser for assistance on gathering market details and providing an independent pricing analysis.

Once you have decided on a listing price, the listing is launched on the Multiple Listing Service through our company, Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services Ltd Brokerage. You will receive regular feedback on showing activity, and all offers will be presented for your consideration.

Once you have accepted an offer and the property is sold and closed, you will receive the payment from your lawyer’s office with our commission and his/her fees deducted.

Finally, you will be asked to complete a survey telling us how we did and asking for any comments you may wish to add. Many clients provide testimonials at this stage. All comments are welcome and we review all feedback carefully.

“Excellent support and advice from start to finish. A thorough approach taken by Cathy, Manson and Barry. Appreciated the tour of your office as well. It's difficult to improve upon perfection. Excellent communication and attention to detail is evident and appreciated throughout the entire process.”


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