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What Goes Into an Information Package?

Manson Slik, December 21, 2012


When it comes to an information package about your home, we want to include every possible detail that a buyer might want to know about the property. It's about anticipating what your buyer will want to know.

The package provides complete information about your home. The package includes a breakdown of all the expenses of the home—for example, heating. Does the home use oil or natural gas? How old are those systems? If there are any necessary repairs, the information package provides estimates. If repairs or improvements have been done, when were the completed?

The package will include detailed floor plans and extensive photographs. These include not only photographs of the rooms, but also the electrical box, the driveway, the basement, and even defects. We generally keep the 'ugly' house photos online only, and not in the print materials. Sometimes an information package will provide educational information about unusual parts of the property. Recently we listed a home with an in-ceiling heating system. Most people are not going to be familiar with how that system works, so we needed to provide that information. If a property has a well, septic system, pool or wood burning fireplace we provide information about those features as well.

When we get a call from a buyer, they typically don't have any questions—they just want to see the home. If the buyer’s questions are all answered up front, it means a smoother, easier transaction.

Written by Manson Slik

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