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About Our Company

We Give You The Confidence To Move On

Gordons Estate ServicesGordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services is Ontario’s leading real estate, downsizing, move management and estate settlement company. Our team of certified professionals can offer you the efficient sale of real estate, careful handling of assets, and a suite of other services to help you transition into a new lifestyle.

You will take on the challenge with the confidence knowing that all the details of this important transition are taken care of, smoothly, and with unconditional care.

Real Estate Solutions

  • We prepare a complete, thorough presentation to market the house and property.
  • Online listing with MLS, company website and social media.
  • Local promotion to include; mail drop to neighbourhood, on-site signage, newspaper and e-newsletter.
  • Assessments and appraisals completed before listing. “Sellers” agent. We are in the business of selling houses for those downsizing and Estate Trustees.

Move Management

  • We assess the needs of the customer and coordinate the move according to their level of urgency and desire.
  • We manage the pack, unpack and resettlement. We make a tremendous effort to replicate the existing home and the familiar location of belongings.
  • We hire trusted, pre-screened, approved third party vendors and contractors to complete specialized tasks according to need, such as; electrician, appraiser, mover, plumber and many more. We do not mark up their cost for service.
  • Because we are coordinating everything, we are able to manage all components of the move with great flow of timing and delivery. This means that we see the big picture and the minute details.
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Sale of Goods

  • Gordon’s offers an innovative, effective online auction.
  • Gordon’s staff will make all the arrangements and facilitate the sale.
  • Coordinated, safe, personalized and efficient method of selling the remaining contents of the home.
  • Transparent and non-intrusive.

Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services does it all, and because we are experts, we do it well.

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Downsizing can be an exciting stage of your new life, but finding the right home is essential for a successful transition. Gordon’s helps you to find a new and comfortable home that is in-line with your lifestyle and budget.

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of people transition into new homes - finding everything from bungalows, apartments, condos, retirement and assisted living communities. View our listings and find out how Gordon’s can help.