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Gordon's Statement on COVID-19

Our Commitment to Clients and Communities We Serve

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Message from Barry Gordon, Partner

Last Updated: May 11, 2020

We are now two months into dealing with the unprecedented circumstances and we would like you to know that we remain available to those who need us. We are here to help. We continue to be especially thankful to those working in the highest risk environments at the front lines of the outbreak. 

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. In response, we have reassessed and updated our operational policies to ensure the best of everyone’s health. On April 3, 2020 Ontario released the revised list of essential workplaces; real estate and moving services are included in this list. While there are those who disagree, there are many who are committed to a chain of events that they must see through, and recent allowances made by the Province are no doubt meant to accommodate this at the very least. We are supporting our clients to complete their respective transactions and move to the safer environment they have chosen without undue in-person interactions.

In dealing with vulnerable individuals everyday, we know that there are some who while not yet committed to a firm sale, have made decisions in good faith to sell their house to fund their necessary downsize or to move their estate settlement forward. Delays for some have health effects that weigh heavily on them and can only be mitigated by the sale of their property. We are here for them.

We want you to know that we will continue to fulfil our responsibilities to our clients as best we can, while staying committed to our duty as Canadians to help plank the curve, while following Province's guidelines. Gordon’s has put in place several measures that render in-person contact unnecessary and these include video or conference calls, digitally-signed agreements, eliminating live property showings, social-distancing when packing/moving and supporting our staff to work in isolation. Read Gordon’s COVID-19 Policy for Real Estate Showing. By creating contactless processes, we are ensuring that everyone remains safe while helping vulnerable clients move forward. 

This slowdown is an excellent time for some to plan an estate or explore safe downsize options virtually from your own home. We are here to answer all your questions; call us to set up a free consultation either through phone or a Zoom video call. If you are someone who's writing their will, ask us how you can alleviate your executor's future burden today.

As always, the health of our clients is of the highest importance to us. Gordon’s has evolved its processes over the years to create uniquely safe ways to support those we serve to achieve their critical goals. As we fight the pandemic, the stakes are higher and we consider it our duty to assist our clients who need us more than ever. Our pledge is to ensure that our clients, our staff and the public remain safe.

Stay safe and take care.

Barry Gordon

Partner and Broker, Gordon’s Downsizing and Estate Services


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