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Retirement Living

Prioritize Your Physical and Emotional Health

Gordons Estate Services - Retirement Living in a retirement community is a great opportunity for you to prioritize your physical and emotional wellbeing, and the social aspect will make it even easier and more enjoyable to do so. You will be surprised at how good you will feel in welcoming new surroundings.

If you choose the right retirement community, you can be the most active you’ve been in years!

When selecting a retirement community, you should consider the range of activities and programs they have available. Every community is different and the variety of possible activity options are too many to list. If you have specific interests, such as playing tennis, swimming or art classes, Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services can help you zero in on the right community.

If you are not sure what you want, then perhaps picking a community with a wide range of opportunities is best. So what kinds of activities, programs, and events are available?

Time to Exercise

Most communities offer some options for exercise, and often physiotherapy as well. They may have an exercise room and fitness programs geared toward their residents. Swimming is available in communities with pools, or as part of planned outings to public pools. Other options may include dance classes, yoga and other sports.

Social Programs 

Every community has some form of social program. It may involve competitive and social games like bridge, euchre, shuffleboard or bowling. They often have regular movie nights in a common room. Some communities have a bar or lounge area where people can congregate before or after a meal.

They may also have clubs for like-minded individuals to pursue activities such as: book clubs, crafts, knitting or singing. Other events could include wine and cheese parties, live music, bingo halls or special trips to festivals and celebrations. Community staff may also organize trips to see plays or concerts. If continuing education interests you, you could decide on a retirement home near a university or college.

For people looking to retire to a new location, for example a smaller town or cottage area - we can help evaluate the amenities in the area to match your needs. Retirement living often requires an eye on the budget, balanced with enhanced services, recreational and education opportunities, and reduced maintenance and property up-keep. We’ll help you find the right mix for your retirement lifestyle!

“I had been living alone in a big house in Scarborough. Last winter I had a bad fall and wasn't able to fully use my arm. My brother wanted me to live closer to him in Kingston and found a wonderful suite for me at Royale Place Retirement, he also helped me find Gordon's. During the move Cathy found a 40 year old ring that had been missing for years! I was grateful for their help, I wouldn't have been able to manage the move without them.”
- Melita

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Downsizing can be an exciting stage of your new life, but finding the right home is essential for a successful transition. Gordon’s helps you to find a new and comfortable home that is in-line with your lifestyle and budget.

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of people transition into new homes - finding everything from bungalows, apartments, condos, retirement and assisted living communities. View our listings and find out how Gordon’s can help.