Estate Settlement


An Integrated Approach to Estate Management


Settling an estate can be difficult and time-consuming. If you are also grieving the loss of a loved one or live a great distance from the estate property, the process can become overwhelming. The Gordon’s team has been serving estate executors and trustees for over 50 years across Ontario. We recognize the unique challenges you face - so let us be your trusted partner.

We're Certified Executor Advisors. Everyone dealing with an estate home and contents will benefit from a discussion with us. Our perspective is unique, and our help is often invaluable.


We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan, based on anything you need. Our estate services include: 

  • Having all estate assets properly appraised from the outset, in compliance with the law

  • Cleaning, maintenance, staging + the sale of real estate

  • Packing, shipping, selling, and distribution of items and assets 

  • Mediating distribution with other family members or beneficiaries

  • Recommending lawyers, accountants and financial planners as needed


You benefit when your estate is managed by one company. Our full-package approach to estate settlement streamlines the process, simplifies decision-making and increases returns to the estate. You can mourn your loss, administer the process and move forward without being pressured.


Our goal is to make the estate settlement process as stress-free and convenient as possible, and we do that with knowledgeable staff and valued services. Learn more about the entire estate process with the help of our Estate Trustee & Executor eBook - download here.

Also find out how to Give your executor a real team of experts to guide them through the task of settling your estate here.

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