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Refer a Client to Gordon’s

Gordon’s is dedicated to assisting seniors and their families moving to a new home or a retirement community and estate executors settling an estate anywhere in Ontario. 


If you have a client or contact who is looking for help moving forward, we’re happy to connect with them and discuss our personalized services.


Our team of experts specializes in helping: 

  • Clients moving into retirement homes

  • Seniors looking to downsize

  • Estate trustees selling property

  • Executors managing estates

  • Anyone looking to make their transition or settlement as stress-free and straightforward as possible. ​


Fill out the adjacent form to refer your contact and a Gordon’s team member will be in touch. Our promise is to follow-up within 2 business days, keeping you updated and in the loop. We strive to always leave our clients better informed, and less stressed.


Questions? Contact us here

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