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Taking the Key

Do you have a question about our services? Are you interested in discussing your situation with a Gordon's team member? We can assist in all areas, from real estate, downsizing, estate services, complete move management and more!

Dot's Story

Dot wanted a safe and simple way to ensure everything went properly. Her lawyer explained the complexities of being an estate trustee and suggested Gordon’s Downsizing and Estate Services might be a good fit. Read More

Irma's Story

Irma is a Retirement Lifestyle Coordinator. Her job includes marketing her community, booking virtual and in person walk throughs with potential guests and their families, securing a suite for them, collecting deposits, and ensuring a safe and timely move in experience. Read More

Norm's Story

Norm is an estate lawyer who also acts as estate trustee for clients. His practice extends throughout Southern Ontario. Read More

Sam's Story

At 92 Sam enjoyed a healthy active life including sailing the coast of North America on his 32 ft sailboat with his girlfriend of 90. But after a fall, and rapidly advancing frailty, he made a fast move into respite 6 hours away near his son Doug. Read More

Tina's Story

Tina lives in Kingston and she wants her mom Lois to move from her Mississauga home to a new retirement community under construction near where Tina lives. Read More

Pauline’s Story

Pauline was a retired paralegal. Although an avid traveler, her smoking had weighed heavily on her body, and at 85, she had full-fledged COPD, which made activities difficult and painful

Read More

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