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Since 1956, Gordon’s has worked closely with professionals like you to solve the daunting challenge of downsizing and estate settlement for mutual clients. 

Our role is to streamline the estate settlement and downsizing process for professionals and their clients as it relates to the real estate and personal property (to whatever degree our clients wish). Gordon’s replaces the need for the client and supporting professionals to source and manage a: property manager, realtor, appraiser, personal property seller, mover, shipper, and other contractors likely to be involved in the process to maintain, repair, and/or clean up the property.  


In addition, Gordon’s interim funds all the expenses related to the activities under our care, until the client has the proceeds from the real estate sale, thereby alleviating cashflow requirements.


We get paid when the client gets paid.

What makes Gordon’s a valued referral partner is unique to each profession with the overall end result being a net benefit to both our professional partner and mutual clients. Below are our key partner industries, click the profession in the list below to learn more about how Gordon’s helps professionals, and our mutual clients, move forward.

Gordon’s is your single point of contact for the following services:

Referral Partners

A Downsizing & Estate Settlement Professional Network with Gordon’s

  • E-books
    Gordon's Downsizing Advice eBook Gordon's Guide for Executors and Estate Trustees Gordon's checklists for a stress-free move
  • PDFs
    Moving into a Retirement Community What we Do How it Works Managing an Estate Expert Team How to Talk to your Parents 3 Tips for Estate Trustee
  • Videos
    How we help Bob Rice - Downsizing is a Way of Thinking (client testimonial) Our Solution to Excess Stuff
  • Interviews
    99.3 CountyFM Downsizing Interview with Manson Slik Limestone Lens Interview with Barry Gordon

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*Note: the above network assumes the executor has already completed their journey with the funeral home OR the client has already consulted an eldercare planner and/or visited the retirement community they intend to move into.

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