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Request a Gordon’s Expert for Your Event

Are you seeking an engaging speaker to come to your upcoming event to discuss topics related to move management, supporting loved ones through a downsize, retirement living, estate management, real estate considerations and/or contents appraisals?

Our team of experienced professionals would be happy to speak at your upcoming event, free of charge. We’re happy to discuss these topics in a “white label” fashion, as we understand some organizations have rules around non-promotion related speaking engagements. Please note that a minimum attendance of 10 attendees is required.

Below is our current roster of topics we can speak about:

  • 5 Part Workshop Series - choose one or multiple sessions

  • Overcoming Overwhelmed - general overview of how to downsize in an efficient, low-stress manner

  • Family Dynamics When Downsizing - How to navigate these effectively

  • You're an Estate Trustee - The Hardest Job You Never Applied For

  • Too Much Stuff - How and what do I do with all the stuff I can't keep?

  • Reducing Complexity at a Complex Time

If interested, please complete this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Request a Speaker

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