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Norm's Story


Norm is an estate lawyer who also acts as an Estate Trustee for clients. His practice extends throughout Southern Ontario.


Norm fulfills the role of Estate Trustee for estates from London to Ottawa. He typically requires the following:

  • The house to be secured

  • Locks changed

  • Bi-weekly insurance check

  • Assets inventoried

  • Certified appraisals of the house and contents along with distribution to families

  • Household clearing

  • Donations to charity 

  • Sale of the property and contents, once probate is in hand.

Norm’s challenge is being able to accomplish the above as efficiently as possible, which would mean having one company manage everything. This would be impossible through a regular real estate agent. Few agents, appraisers, or other service providers belong to multiple real estate boards or work in different cities, making it difficult for them to deliver all the pieces.


By using Gordon’s Downsizing and Estate Services Norm can have the same point of contact, and a consistent delivery standard across all his files.


Norm can continue to be an effective Trustee over a wide geographic area and be confident in a predictable, safe, and consistent process. His fees can remain profitable and efficient while handling multiple accounts.


The result is a cost-efficient and timely wrap-up of the physical asset envelope.

Taking the Key

Do you have a question about our services? Are you interested in discussing your situation with a Gordon's team member? We can assist in all areas, from real estate, downsizing, estate services, complete move management and more!

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