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Price Conscious vs. Life Conscious

“Many people think saving a couple of thousand dollars (or a few) is a big deal to their parents, money-conscious sellers, or an estate. Often, what first appears to be savings turns into NOT savings and takes much longer, ends up costing as much or more, with a lot more stress and lost time.”

Manson Slik, Broker of record, Gordon’s Downsizing and Estate Services

Everyone is interested in good economics, good value, a fair cost when they buy services and a good price when they sell their home. Indeed, everyone owes it to themselves and their beneficiaries to obtain a good price when they sell their home. And given perfect data and a static market, everyone could see what in fact fair- or good- looks like.

The challenge is that often we don’t have perfect data, and the real estate industry ubiquitously brings many layers of distraction that make it difficult for a seller to know which messages are for them. This entire realm of discussion is best viewed from the lens of knowing first who you are as a seller. Knowing who you are will put you in a much better position to decide which company is best for you and which criteria are your criteria- and will lead to the best decisions for you.

Adult family members providing input for their parents should do a lens check prior to jumping in with advice. The lens check is taking the time to put themselves in the shoes of their parents. What is important to them? Are their best decisions different from the best decision one might make on their own account? Almost certainly yes.

One element of decisions is around value, cost, and price. Downsizing economics versus what is the highest and best use of the limited time a family member may have available? In our experience, good value is available in professional services- many of which would not make sense for a younger person moving on their own, perhaps with the support and strong backs of young friends. For an elderly downsizer, the highest value they can obtain from their offspring is most often emotional support, insight into decisions ( through a proper lens), and simply being where they can be with limited time.

By the same token, pricing a property to capture a low stress sale when the senior is ready to sell, may conclude with almost no discount to a less aggressive strategy, but may serve the senior’s goals much better. Trying to measure costs with an eye dropper may be a good strategy in some circumstances, but not often for a downsizer trying to meet important life saving goals.


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