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Gordon's is an integrated transitions and real estate company. Since 1990, we are dedicated to assisting seniors and their families in their move from family home to a new home or a retirement community. We understand that everyone's situation is unique, and that's why we start with a personalized plan that you agree works best for you and your family. Our team of 20+ certified professionals is known for its 'gentle leadership' that offers expert advice and helps reduce stress through the often challenging downsizing and estate settlement journey.

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Complete Downsizing, Moving and
Real Estate  - We Do It All!

Gordon's is your one-stop shop for downsizing, move management, transition and estate sale, anywhere in Ontario. For 30+ years, we have ensured that you get the best price for your property and that your transition is the smoothest possible. We understand the importance of details for a stress-free downsize.

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How We Help Clients All Over Ontario

We are Ontario's leading downsizing and estate settlement company. Our team of certified experts assists seniors making a life transition, to minimize stress and manage all aspects of the downsize. We believe in getting things right, the first time and we do this by offering the following:

  • End-to-end, seamless solutions for those downsizing and for estate trustees
  • Centralized invoicing: no up-front charges for an integrated transition and estate service
  • Assistance to organize, plan what to take, pack, move, unpack and settle in new home
  • Declutter: sell, gift, donate and dispose extra possessions 
  • Ready the house for sale and realize the property's true value 
  • Help estate trustees obtain appraisals for probate, disperse contents as appropriate, coordinate property maintenance, and prepare, market and sell the property as required

Client Experiences

"There are no words to adequately express my satisfaction with and the great appreciation for your help and service over the past couple of months. Your warm, friendly, caring, efficient, objective manner along with excellent, honest and timely communications is invaluable and appreciated."
"It was your TV commercials that made me think Gordon's would be a good fit for my mom when it came time for her to move into a retirement home. We were so impressed with how you treated my mom with respect through the entire process. I'm definitely going to hire you when I'm ready to downsize."
"We just didn’t know what to do. That’s why we got Gordon’s, who did it for us. It was perfect! They sold our house within a week and they moved everything so swiftly and carefully, it was as though we had just gone back into our old home. It was well worth every penny."
'Excellent support and advice from start to finish. A thorough approach taken by Cathy, Manson and Barry. Appreciated the tour of your office as well. It's difficult to improve upon perfection. Excellent communication and attention to detail is evident and appreciated throughout the entire process."

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