Downsizing for Seniors


Downsizing is a big change that goes beyond just selling your house - it’s a tremendous opportunity to simplify your lifestyle and focus on what matters. Let Gordon’s be your trusted partner in taking this next big step. 


We know that every person’s situation is unique, therefore we offer our services in two different, customizable processes. We handle all the work, while always keeping you in control and in the driver’s seat!

Integrated Real Estate and Downsize

We take on the entire challenge of selling your real estate and handle every last detail of your move. Your whole transition is managed under one roof by one company, keeping you up-to-date throughout the process. Read more about this “one-stop-shop” process here.

Downsize Only


You choose what you need from our suite of services and we create the transition solution that’s right for you. This may include: 

  • Sorting, packing and overseeing your move, as well as unpacking your possessions in your new home

  • Managing extra, unwanted items via online auction or donation, and shipping assets to family members as needed

  • Getting you settled into your new home so that it feels just as comfortable as your old one

Retirement Living


Downsizing to a retirement community is a great opportunity for you to prioritize your physical and emotional wellbeing, and the social aspect will make it even easier and more enjoyable to do so! 


When selecting a retirement community, you should consider the range of activities and programs they have available. Every community is different and the variety of possible activity options are too many to list. If you have specific interests, such as playing tennis, swimming or art classes, Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services can help you zero in on the right community. Read more about retirement living on our blog here

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Our goal is to handle everything you need to establish your new life with confidence! Get in touch with us below to discuss your personal situation and to understand more about how Gordon’s can help you reach your goals.

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We also offer the option to plan ahead, by prearranging your estate settlement with Gordon's. 


Learn more about the prearrangement option here.