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Contents Appraisals

Off-set Costs By Selling Extra Assets

Selling Assets When Downsizing When going through a major life transition such as downsizing or settling an estate anywhere in Ontario, you may have to deal with some extra or unwanted assets. Do you wonder if your assets may be valuable and worth selling? We can help.

Our Appraisal Services

Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services offers certified appraisals for insurance, probate, divorce and estate distribution purposes. We can work with a variety of property including antiques, collectibles, art, general merchandise and even commercial assets. Our educated staff members have years of experience ensuring that your appraisal will be professionally presented.

All appraisals are documented, researched and entered into the appropriate software, produced, supported, and bound professionally. All appraisals are done in the strictest of confidence and released only to you.

Liquidate Unwanted Assets and Free Up Their Value

As part of the downsizing process, Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services will manage the disposal, donation or sale of any extra assets.

We provide an online sales service that is a cost-efficient way to sell your extra assets on the internet. Don’t worry if you don’t like to use a computer, we’ll do all the work for you, and you’ll get a detailed, itemized summary of what each item sold for.

From evaluating your household goods, and other property contents, to providing you with the documentation and funds from the sale - you’ll find it convenient to have us manage the selling process.

“I would like to thank you and your team of professionals for the help you all provided in orchestrating the sale of my house. The sale of contents, cleaning and painting, appraisals, home inspection and advice regarding marketing were invaluable to me. I am sure that without your “one-stop-shop” services I would still be preparing the property for sale.”
- Irene


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