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Arjun & Padmini's Experience with Gordon's

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Meet Arjun and Padmini, clients of Gordon's Estate Services

"We waited a long time to do this thing, we had been procrastinating because we had a 5 bedroom and lived there for 36 years and you accumulate a lot of things. It was scary to actually go through all of the things and decide what to take and what not to take, and that’s why you postpone for as long as possible. But, the time comes when you have to move, so we decided to move. It was a good decision."

"If I were to give advice to anybody, it would be – don’t put it off until you are disabled. You should be physically well so you can handle it. If you wait too long, it becomes even more difficult.The thing I really liked was how they moved us. Cathy was really good, she understood our needs and they packed all of our things, asked us what we wanted to take and what we didn’t. They were very careful. Their crew, six or seven of them came and packed up everything. They even put my books in my bookcase which was quite nice."

"I was so tired that day, I wasn’t doing anything but I was mentally tired. Cathy could see me and she just said – “sit down there and guide us”, so I was just telling. I could see how efficient they were and their man power. I was in the kitchen guiding one lady and she said – where can I put your spices, where can I put this etc.” and then after a couple of hours I went into the study room and they had set up the book shelf and everything, just like magic. I found they were quite efficient and careful also."

"Like my china cabinet, they took a picture there and Cathy said we will put it as you had organized it, and they went by details, one by one. I really admire them and I would recommend them highly."


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