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Avoiding Chaos: 8 Discussions You Need to Have for Stress-Free Downsizing and Estate Settlement

Updated: May 17, 2022

For more than forty years, Barry Gordon, Partner and CEO of Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services Ltd., has advised thousands of clients through transitions, relocations and estate settlements.

His book, Avoiding Chaos, covers 8 discussions on downsizing and estate settlement that will help prospective downsizers to better understand the scope of one of the most significant life events they may encounter. There are several options available, issues to look out for, and decisions they’ll be required to make when undertaking any or both.

Barry shares his wealth of knowledge and lessons learned from his time helping clients and their families navigate some of the most important aspects.

Avoiding Chaos is a must-read for those considering downsizing as well as for those faced with the responsibility of settling an estate.

Download the Kindle edition on Amazon here, or get in touch to purchase a physical copy.


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