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Estate Management: Know Who to Trust!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

As an Estate Executor, you have a big job to do. Someone has entrusted you to complete an important task. How do you find a real estate agent that you can trust?

When it comes to real estate, there is little more important than trust. So, who do you trust in a real estate relationship? This may sound like a silly question but the answer is simple; the agent you hired.

I know, you may not trust them completely. You think they may be just out for a fast commission. You may be “prepared to wait” for the right buyer. You disagree with an appraisal or an agent’s analysis because he just doesn’t “know” what’s special about the neighbourhood.

The bottom line for me after 35 years of selling property is that if you don’t trust the person you hired, then hire someone else. If they tell you the same thing (and you still don’t believe it), maybe you should ask yourself who is right and who is wrong? As an estate executor, you may need to sell the house, find someone you trust, and listen to what they tell you.

There are often single anecdotal bits of information that you may know - or think you know, that drive your entire perspective on the value of the house, to the exclusion of a plethora of fact based evidence, assembled by a professional.

I asked a client recently what was motivating her to believe the value was greater than a professional appraiser with 20 years’ experience and an excellent reputation in the field. She just laughed and said that she knew of another house that sold for such and such a price that had less curb appeal than hers. She was right about the curb appeal, but in all other respects the other sale was a much better and bigger home.

If you believe your agent is only in it for a fast sale - ask them about that. Simply confront it. If the agent has done their homework, they’ll be able to tell you exactly why they recommend the price they have presented and what their listing strategy is.

Surround yourself with professionals who you trust, and listen to them. If you find yourself distrusting of the agent you have hired, hire a new agent.


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