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Tina's Story


Tina lives in Kingston and wanted her mom Lois to move closer. Lois lived in her own home in Mississauga, but Tina had suggested a new retirement community that was opening soon near her.


Lois was starting to struggle to manage her home. She had been paying for house maintenance for a while, and over the last 2 years had been increasing her use of home support services. She leaned on Tina for help with online bill payments and household decisions, however, she was simply tired of cooking. 


Tina also feared for Lois’ safety. Falling is a risk in her 2 story home. Tina was still working and couldn’t take time off to figure out Lois’ move. Dealing with a house full to the brim, and getting a good sale for it were things she didn’t have time for. 


The final part of the challenge was that the new retirement community Tina suggested faced construction delays and while many real estate agents had advised her to sell while the market was strong, she didn’t want to get caught without a place for her Mom to live.


Tina met with Gordon’s Downsizing and Estate Services at their Kingston office to explain her situation. She then arranged for everyone to meet with Lois to ensure she was comfortable with Gordon’s managing the process of her move. Lois decided that chasing the market for the house sale was too big a risk and a stressor. The other key elements, like ensuring the suite was ready before she committed to a house sale deadline, and her evolving health were also factors. A plan was made to get her move organized so that once the retirement suite was actually ready, Lois would be prepared. 

When the time came Lois was packed, moved, unpacked, her bed made, pictures hung, clothes in the closet, and boxes removed. Once Lois was settled, Gordon's also took care of shredding old documents, waste clearing, charitable donations of food and clothing, sale of the contents, and the preparation & sale of the house.


The main benefit of working with Gordon’s was that Lois moved safely with the least stress and negative impact on her health. Tina was able to focus on supporting Lois’ health and getting her settled into the new community without creating chaos in her own life.


The result was a convenient, smooth process that not only made Lois and Tina’s life easier but provided the retirement community with a predictable move-in experience.

Taking the Key

Do you have a question about our services? Are you interested in discussing your situation with a Gordon's team member? We can assist in all areas, from real estate, downsizing, estate services, complete move management and more!

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