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7 Ways Gordon's Can Help You Move & Sell Safely

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

We know that COVID-19 has left many of our clients who had previously committed to a chain of events in an awkward place. Some, while not yet committed to a firm sale, made decisions in good faith to sell their house in order to fund their necessary downsize and move to a healthier living environment.

Through the pandemic, Gordon's Downsizing and Estate Services continues to diligently support those who must move to a safer residence, keeping our client’s health front and centre to ensure success. Here’s how we are continuing to do it with enhanced care.

1. Gordon’s quickly adjusted company policies and processes to adhere to public health directives to support the communities we serve, and to ensure our clients feel comfortable at all times.

2. We have significantly limited the number of staff involved in a single-client project, thus minimizing unnecessary exposure.

3. Our frontline team members check their temperature and overall health attributes every day. Our team lead ensures each staff member has no symptoms, hasn’t traveled out of province in last 14 days and has not to their knowledge come in contact with an infected person.

4. All personal items are packed with great care by trained staff wearing face masks and hand gloves.

5. After your departure from the house, we manage the distribution of assets and storage, if required, taking extra precautions. We clear out other contents and clean your house to prepare it for sale.

6. Once the house is ready for the market, one expert shoots a thorough Total Property Video and prepares a 3D iGuide virtual tour of your property. This allows us to market your property, fully and without any compromises, to interested buyers without a single in-person showing required. All necessary questions are taken over phone or by Zoom video call.

7. We don’t apply charges until after your house is sold, to make it easy to track and cash flow. It also means you avoid contact with, and management of, multiple vendors and suppliers.

As always, the health and well-being of our clients is our top priority. We continue to help our clients move, safely and compassionately and as a result have been endorsed as a partner of choice by some of the major retirement communities in Ontario.

If you’re feeling stuck and are considering moving or know someone you’d like to help, now might be the best time for a free consultation. Call 1-800-267-2206 or email us with your questions at


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