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How Gordon’s Helps Families Move Forward

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

At Gordon’s, we help families move forward at a difficult time in their lives. We understand that this is a sensitive time for families grieving, and our goal is to guide those settling estates in a compassionate manner.

If you have a client who is looking for help with settling an estate, fill out our short referral form here so we can quickly get in touch with your client.

As Certified Executor Advisors, we know that everyone’s situation is unique, we offer completely customized packages tailored to their individual needs. From the sale of real estate, to appraisals and distribution of items, cleaning, maintenance and security - we’re here to ensure they are supported in any decision they need to make.

Why you can trust us with your client:

  • We have over 50 years of experience helping executors and families manage and settle estates.

  • Our process involves managing every aspect of the project to minimize the burden on the family, instead of needing to coordinate with individual service providers for each specific problem.

Questions? We’re always happy to discuss why we feel that working together is beneficial for our clients. Contact us by calling 1-800-267-2206, by email via, or set-up an appointment here.


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