How Gordon’s Helps Financial Planners and their Clients Plan Ahead

Updated: Jul 22

You provide the best advice for your client, and help them make decisions at complex times in their lives. When it comes to retirement planning, Gordon’s can help make the process easy by taking care of every single component - from real estate, to move management, dealing with home contents and everything in between.

When downsizing and selling their home, your clients have an endless list of tasks to take care of. Dealing with multiple service providers to cover all these components can be time-consuming, expensive and often overwhelming. Contracting one company to do it all reduces risk, complexity, work and waste. Gordon’s covers every part of the downsizing process, and is also the only real estate company that specializes in the final liquidation event.

Planning ahead with Gordon’s allows for a trusted partnership, as our process guarantees predictability and accountability through the bundling of the physical asset envelope.

Why you can trust us with your client:

  • We have 20+ years of experience helping seniors downsize and move all across Ontario, and over 50 years’ experience settling estates, selling properties and auctioning off unwanted items.

  • We provide an overwhelmed client with a safe, predictable way to move forward.

  • We fund the flow of activities so the sale of a house is not a barrier. We move the client first so that there is no delay and we clear the house before showing so the client can be assured the world sees their home as presentable.

  • We manage the sale of unwanted items via online auction or donation so clients don’t have to worry about it.

If you have a client who could benefit from planning ahead with Gordon’s, fill out our short referral form here so we can quickly get in touch with your client.

Questions? We’re always happy to discuss why we feel that working together is beneficial for our clients. Contact us by calling 1-800-267-2206, by email via, or set-up an appointment here.