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How Gordon’s Helps Manage Estates

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services has been helping executors manage and settle estates for over 50 years across Ontario. Our goal is to create a trusted partnership that reduces risk, complexity, work and waste. Our process guarantees predictability and accountability through the bundling of the physical asset envelope.

Our niche Real Estate Company, led by Certified Executor Advisors, has served Ontario executors with:

  • Professional probate appraisals

  • Funding of all expenses needed to manage, ship, and/or sell estate assets

  • Project management of in-house real estate and logistics experts, and 3rd parties (property checks, repairs, etc.)

all included in the real estate commission

We are a natural fit for professional trustees in estates that are:

  • Complex

  • At a distance from the estate trustees

  • Have multiple properties

  • Where the estate has no cash (we fund everything!)

Our goal is to make the estate settlement process as stress-free and convenient as possible, and we do that by managing every aspect. Our full-package approach to estate settlement streamlines the process, simplifies decision-making, increases returns to the estate and supports executors to make the necessary decisions to move forward without being pressured.

Why you can trust us:

  • We recognize the unique challenges estate appointees face, which is why we develop a customized package for every situation.

  • We fund the flow of activities so the sale of a house is not a barrier.

  • We clear the house before showing so the estate can be honoured, assuring the world sees the home as presentable.

  • We handle everything that's needed from cleaning, maintenance and staging of the home, to packing, shipping, selling or distribution of items as needed.

If you're managing an estate and you’d like to work with us, you can fill out our referral form here and a team member will reach out to start the conversation.

Questions? We’re always happy to discuss why we feel that working together is beneficial for our clients. Contact us by calling 1-800-267-2206, by email via, or set-up an appointment here.


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