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Gordon's Works with Local Agents Across Ontario

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Local agents love working with Gordon's - all across Ontario.

We survey cooperating agents from different markets asking about their Gordon's Experience. We consistently receive a 5 out of 5 star rating!

Here's what we ask local buyer agents to rank us on:

  • The property information provided by Gordon's Downsizing & Estate Services was comprehensive in comparison to industry standards.

  • As a cooperating agent with an offer to present, I was kept up-to-date on a regular basis and provided with appropriate paperwork.

  • I was treated as a real estate professional through my experience with Gordon's Downsizing & Estate Services.

  • I would have confidence working with Gordon's Downsizing & Estate Services as a cooperating agent in the future.

Here's what local agents have had to say:

"I have to admit I was anxious when I discovered you were a broker from out of town and the listing commission was 2%. However, the whole experience was very positive and professional. My buyers are thrilled. Cheers!" - Ottawa Agent

"Your listings are the best in the business. As someone doing exclusively buyer representation, it drives me crazy how little information most listing agents to provide help me present their properties to my clients. IMO, it's the listing agent's job to produce all the documentation and information that could help sell the house, but a lot don't appear to see it that way. I'm fairly exacting in due diligence on behalf of clients, but I shouldn't have to plead for utility costs, etc. (or in the case of STAs, revenue numbers, etc.). With the comprehensive and well-organized information on your site, your listings provide the kind of information my clients need." - Picton Agent

"Very impressed with your presentation of property. Truly exceptional relative to rest of industry." - London Agent

"Manson was very professional throughout the entire time I was working with him." - GTA Agent

"Manson was a true professional throughout the process." - Kawartha Lakes Agent

"You are one of a few handling this multiple offer market the right way. You have it down to a science - clear, clean and by the book. It's quite refreshing! Awesome job as well with the listing prep - cleaned-out unit, presentable for selling. Congrats on the above asking firm deal." - London Agent

"I just found the video and it answered everything. Your listing is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Will pass along to my clients." - Rideau Lake Agent

"This has been an excellent experience with you and I was really impressed with how professional you are. It's rare to find someone you can learn from!" - Prince Edward County Agent

"All of the information provided on your website for this listing is very detailed, extensive and helpful. I'm impressed!" - Kingston Agent

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