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What's the Advantage of Using Gordon’s Over a “Traditional” Real Estate Agent?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

This is a question I get from time to time - typically when an estate or downsize seller has a familiarity or a relationship with one or more real estate agents already. The fact that a client has been considering agent 1 or 2 for awhile is not a surprise. With what some say is over 48,000 agents in the GTA alone, most people know at least one.

And with the vast majority of real estate advertising being spent on agent promotion - rather than property promotion, it is not uncommon to get the impression that only a select few in your community can get the job done right. Fair thought.

In our experience, finding a buyer is rarely a problem. In most markets today, buyers outnumber sellers creating plenty of demand. The truth is that probably any agent who does some business and is connected with MLS is probably capable of getting your property sold. In our experience most properties enjoy multiple offers from multiple buyers.

The better question is: If you need a variety of important tasks accomplished, move planning, moving, getting things to relatives, efficiently clearing and selling extra items, and making the timing of all that fit with your real estate transaction at perhaps the most stressful time in your life, why would you fragment the work, create unnecessary stress, and try to coordinate all the various activities yourself if you don’t have to? Particularly when we know finding a buyer is not an issue.

In our unique experience (we coordinate all of the various tasks outlined above for our clients), the most important thing is to keep your health through a very trying time. The efficient and productive sale of your property has never been easier. Making sure all activities are identified and coordinated into a smooth, seamless delivery that keeps you as healthy as possible is much harder. And in our world, keeping the easy, high-cost piece together to subsidize the cost of the harder pieces only makes sense.

Carving out the real estate is not only a poor economic choice, but it adds complexity at a time when simplicity should be one of the goals. By reducing the volume of players who report to you, you reduce mixed and conflicting messages. In summary, keeping the services together is:

  1. Better economics

  2. Less mixed messages and conflict amongst service providers and timelines

  3. Ensures all advice is given with full knowledge of all your moving parts

  4. Less stressful hence easier on your health

This integrated real estate and transition services approach is what Gordon’s has specialized in for over 20 years. If you are interested in learning more, visit our FAQs page or get in touch with the team at Gordon's today!


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